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Author Suzza Silver

I’m the writer with the mathematical muse. Educating people about math anxiety and breaking the cycle of math trauma. Writing about blogging for scientists and mathematicians. Encouraging them to connect with the public.

Work Experience

Beauty of Mathematics

2018 - Present

Personal Blog


The Social Element

2016 - 2021

Social Media Agency

Engagement Specialist

TSR (Solarian Games)

2012 - 2017

Tabletop RPG & Games Publisher

Director of Community

Freelance Writing

I am transitioning from community management to science journalism. My desire is to be a science writer who discusses mathematics and its history. My most recent project is an article on the Wrens of Bletchley Park, the home of the Word War II codebreakers.


Joe Cardillo

“The best marketing comes from a blend of research, storytelling, positioning, and analytics, and there is no more talented strategist & tactician than Suzza Silver.

Their work across content strategy/content operations, social media, SEO, and building online communities is world-class. Suzza's approach to thinking and planning like an editor and journalist is consistently powerful, and paired with intentional metrics and accessibility best practices about when and where to reach audiences, there is no better strategist out there”

Hessie Jones

“I’ve worked with Susan Silver at Arcompany where we provided big data analysis consulting services as well as digital services. Susan Silver is one of a kind and someone that is quite valuable when it comes to data analysis, web analysis and she is also a superior writer. The content she creates as well as having a profound understanding of community makes her an asset for anyone who see website and digital as a going concern. Bar none, she is someone I have full confidence in to manage and develop strategies for digital marketing.“

My Promise

On this website, I feature my writing from all over the place. I also write about subjects that aren’t about mathematics. It is important to me to share some advice from my experience working on the internet for the past decade. Lastly, I have a library of links that I wish to share with only the best resources that I’ve found. Like helpful and useful content.

Author Bio

I live on the Oregon Coast with my cat Misty. A rescue and a senior cat. I enjoy WebDev work as a hobbyist. I have been building websites since the GeoCities era of the 90s. Comfortable using the command line. My other hobby is cross-stitch and I’ve created my own patterns inspired by mathematics.

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